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Ride Your Way Lean also brings you tons of scientifically proven advice to help you shed those unwanted pounds?firm up your arms, legs, belly, and butt?and give you more energy that?ll last all day.
For example:

Get fitter and faster in less time. Discover the "sweet spot" cadence (pedal rpm) that burns fat best?and the best ways to achieve it.

For serious weight loss, see how you can experience the powerful after-burn phenomenon: Burn bonus calories long after your ride.

You don't have to be skinny to go really, really fast! Discover the smartest ways to build power while you ride.

Climb like a champion! Don't let a few hills scare you. Discover the surprising key to comfortable climbing!

Smart carbs! Discover which carbohydrates make you healthier and stronger so you can ride better and burn even more calories.

Send your metabolism soaring 20 to 35 percent?more than twice the rate of carbohydrates?with surprising sources of protein.

And much more!

Couldn't I lose weight without a cycling plan?
The powerful weight loss secret to success in each of these plans is interval training?working your body at varying intensities. It?s the proven way to get you fitter faster and burn more calories! Check out the amazing details in Ride Your Way Lean.
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For Example:
Big weight loss?35 to 50 pounds In just 15 weeks, you can enjoy huge weight loss results when you follow this scientifically formulated plan. You?ll shed weight at a more accelerated pace at first, tapering to smaller losses as you near your weight loss goal.

Drop a size or more?15 to 35 pounds Pushing your pace even a little bit will create tremendous fitness gains in just 12 weeks! The day you decide to pedal out of your comfort zone and step on the gas, you?ll enjoy a nearly miraculous transformation.

Break through that stubborn weight plateau?5 to 15 pounds You?re not far from your goal! In just nine weeks, you can shed that stubborn spare tire for good!

Fit for Life (Maintenance) This 12-week plan provides fun, variety, and sound guidance to keep those lost pounds from creeping back.
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No matter what your weight loss goal, Ride Your Way Lean can help you get there?FAST! You'll discover four day-by-day plans that are carefully crafted to burn through the fat and leave plenty of lean muscle and cardiovascular fitness behind.
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